Friday, April 19, 2013

loooong week

Dear Family,

Another very long but really good week.  I say it was long, but it feels like I was just emailing you guys yesterday.  Not anything new to say really!  

Yesterday was conference Sunday (because Klang is so small they decided to just NOT do saturday session....??)  We were really excited to have people come and see it, because we heard it was a good one.  The church sends out flash drives with all the conference talks on it, so we had the english one playing on a projector in the chapel, and then we had a laptop with the Bahasa one plugged in, and then set the translation microphone next to it so the Bahasa speakers could hear to.  Genius!  haha.... all my companion's idea...  Anyway, when we got to the church to turn on the air con, NO ONE WAS THERE.  Very disappointing.  Of the 6 investigators that told us they would be there, 1 had come for the morning session.  I was livid.  After 23947 phone calls, I was more perturbed.  After the morning session, during our 1 hour lunch break, I told Elder Stahle to get on his bike, we're rounding up the gang.  I don't think I've ever sweat so much in my life (except for when we went to the jungle in miri XD)  because we were sprinting across town to get people there.  There is goal setting, and then there is making sure your goals actually happen.  We were able to get some more people there, so I felt much happier during the second session.  The issue was that their phone/alarm had died, and they had just worked the night shift, and so were still asleep.  Probably not the best thing to wake up to (elder robinson pounding on your door).  The conference that I did see was awesome.  Elder L. Tom Perry's talk on obedience was spot on.  It's funny, because a lot of the stuff about obedience that we learned yesterday confirms all the emphasis on obedience that President Mains has been using since I've been out.  I really liked all the talks.  Someone told me, if you guys really believe you have prophets of God on the earth today, why aren't your church members running to go head his counsel?  Food for thought.  

What else.

I probably ate the best fish of my life the other day.  Ikan Assam is what it's called.  It's this sweet and sour chili sauce thing with a whole fish and vegetables, I'll send a pic.  


Oh, interesting story.  We had contacted a lady who said she was somewhat interested.  When we came back for a return appointment, she just yelled from her window that she wasn't interested any more, but that her neighbors were Christian.  So, we tried their door.  Elder Stahle was standing closer to the door, so I couldn't see inside, but he could.  Two young men came out, one of them cleaning his nose.  It felt kind of weird, but I began talking to them anyway.  After just a few minutes, I started to feel really weird, like I was inhaling something.  My chest started tightening up (this is all happening really fast) and I darted away from the door and started coughing, Elder Stahle did the same.  It turns out that Elder stahle saw all the drugs they were doing, bags of white powder, needles, and one person in the back had started to smoke something strange and we got a whif of it!  It was terrible.  I felt sick and weird the rest of the day.  I asked the guys (from 20 ft. away) what on earth they were doing in there.  They just gave us an eery smile, and responded tiadahal, which means... "nothing to worry about" (more or less).  

Oh, and the thing that they wasn't announced was that President Chan from our group was set apart by general authorities as Elder Chan.  He is a new Asia area seventy thing.  It was really cool to talk to him about it yesterday.  I'm still not 100% sure what it is, but he was flown to SLC for it.  They said SLC it was quite cold haha.  

Another cool story.  The other day, Beh's mom told Beh she wanted to meet with us to ask us a few questions.  I wasn't quite sure what she thought about the Baptism, so I wasn't sure what these questions were going to be like.  It turned out to be great.  She said that of all her children, Beh was the saddest, but something has changed that has made is so bright and happy.  He has a new desire to learn, she said, and that he is more energetic, more hopeful, more happy to be around.  She wanted to know what exactly it was.  What was even better was that Beh wanted to tell her.  He was so excited to tell his mom about it.  He was the translator, because she only speaks chinese, and my limited chinese didn't cut it.  Beh said that it was like a pill, that after he took it, his bad 'symptoms' went away, and that he felt so much better.  He went on to say that after the symptoms had gone away, he couldn't deny that the pill works.  Same with the gospel, he said, at first he didn't know what to think, but now he can't deny what he has experienced.  He told me this morning that he wants to be a missionary.  :')  

I'll have to take a picture of my suits.  I'm afraid to wear them here... in case they'll be destroyed.  

I'm currently trying to find the links on for general conference in tamil and mandarin... english was too hard for a few of the people yesterday.

Also, side note for Eric and Kaitlin:
You know the speaker, Elder Falabella?  his talk was really good, but one of the things that stood out the most to me was that all the names he used in his stories were names from destinos O.o

First Jamaica, and now in Las Vegas?  All you guys are doing now is having fun it sounds like!  I'll be sure to compensate over here.  I think today Elder Stahle and I are going to try and find the national museum in KL.

Ok, bai
Elder Robinson

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