Monday, April 8, 2013

Baptism Time!

Dear family,

wow.  We had probably the busiest week of my mission yet.  That was kind of nice though.  We had lots of people to go see, so much so, that I think my greenie is already sick of it.  Especially the bike riding haha.  It doesn't help that we'll have days where we ride across town multiple times to different teaching appointments.  

So Beh was baptized yesterday!  It was great.  I have some funny stories leading up to it.  So, we had to have the Zone Leaders come interview him (usually the District Leader does it, but since I'm the district leader... can't) so on Saturday, I literally spent all day riding the Commuter Train (KTM) back and forth so we could do exchanges, and then pick them up right afterwards.  Anyway, Beh kept sending me some SMS messages that were making me nervous, so I was kind of scared for the interview.  He was so ready, so I couldn't understand why he was so nervous/scared.  When we all met up at the church shop lot in Klang, I asked him, "BEh, why you so nervous?"  .... He slowly responded, "Because I never wear tie before" .  -______- i thought, are you serious???  I have been sweating bullets for the past 24 hours because you're nervous about tying a tie?  I made sure there was nothing else, and there wasn't.  He was just really nervous about having to wear a tie.  I guess it's better that be the problem than something else!  

Here's a really good story.  So, we had 6 investigators coming to church yesterday.  Because it was fast sunday, and a baptism, we were meeting in Petaling Jaya.  We had one of our investigators give us a ride, and we picked up 2 other investigators.  Well, our ride was way late, so we came into the chapel during the sacrament hymn.   As we were sitting in the back, I was looking nervously for Beh.  As I was looking, I couldn't find him!  After a minute, someone sitting by the Rama family turned around to look back at me.  There was Beh, his hair cut cleanly, wearing a SUIT AND TIE (properly tied), with a giant grin and the classic thumbs up.  It killed me.  I was so proud of Beh.  I shouldn't be surprised, after all the changes he has made, that his whole countenance and appearance would reflect it.  He was so happy yesterday.  He was walking up to everybody, introducing his Mom and Sister (who only speak chinese, and haven't been to church.... but came to support his baptism) to everyone.  He looked so great!  Because only the missionaries wear their suit jackets (it's so hot that the only people crazy enough to wear jackets are the missionaries.... which is rule, unfortunately) all of the members in the Subang Jaya branch who didn't know him thought he was a missionary!  Beh is only 23 years old, so a mission is a definite possibility.  He likes the sound of "Elder Beh".  

I got to baptize him, which was really special.  Right before the service, he we said a prayer of thanks together, and by the end of it, both our eyes were a bit wet.  Because baptisms in West Malaysia are somewhat rare, we had all the missionaries in the whole KL area come see it.  Beh was so happy that lots of people came to see him, and he demanded he get pictures with all of them.  He is also SO excited for next week for his confirmation.  One of the best days of my life.

Anyway, the baptism, and preparation for that was so time consuming/nerve racking that I cannot think of anything else that happened this week.....

I see you all enjoyed your trip to Jamaica.  The beach looked pretty nice.  Sounds like you guys just bummed around for a week.  haha if you think it's going to be a lazy day trip next year, you better think again!  I'm already working on the itinerary.  

OK bye
Elder Robinson

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