Sunday, April 28, 2013

Klang baptism/2

Dear Family,

What a good week!  As you already found out, we baptized Michael Whitson yesterday!  I don't think I have ever called him Michael, we all call him Mike.  His mother-in-law exclusively refers to him as "Mikey" which was pretty sweet when she gave the closing prayer yesterday. The baptism went flawlessly yesterday, mostly because the members were very supportive and willing to help out.  It also helps that it was Sis. Sophie's son-in-law!  When Mike first came to Klang, he had no intention of being baptized.  In fact, he seemed quite opposed to it.  It is amazing how much he has matured, and developed, in such a short amount of time.  The reasons why he started learning are pretty cool.  He said that he has always wanted his kids to be raised in the gospel, after seeing the way Mel (his wife) was brought up, and how much it helped her.  According to him, he said he started to realize that if he ever expected his kids to accept or live this way of life, he would have to be the example and also live that way.  It was nice/rewarding to hear him bear his testimony of how the gospel gives so much potential to people, and even though now he isn't much different than a day before, that the days to come can be that much brighter and more fulfilling.  
Because he is a marine, we had some of the ex-pats in the Subang branch speak at his baptism.  A very common theme was the idea that, like the marines, the gospel has a strict code of conduct, which brings about irreplaceable results.  How his duties will continue to be to God, his family, and his country.  I think that really helped him understand more. 
Mike asked me to do the confirmation, which was a great opportunity for me.  I was able to stand with some of the greatest people I know, as holders of the priesthood, and place our hands on Mike's head and be a means of the Lord in giving Mike this gift.  I think the whole branch became a little closer.  
Sis. Sophie has been like our Mom here.  She has done SO much for us, it's not even funny.  She sacrifices so much for teh church, and literally asks for NOTHING in return, even though she is quite busy with her own life.  I'm glad we could say "thank you" in this way to her.  I know she really appreciated it.  I/we can't take much credit for anything, because the spirit was manifested in so many other ways that really contributed to Mike's decision.  I also think it is cool that I'll be able to see him when I get home!  My companion's mom added Sis. Sphie on facebook, and they've been chatting it up, so I think Sis. SOphie will also be planning another US trip soon! 

What else....

I got an email from Elder White!  I'll have to respond after this.  I'm excited to write back.  

I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders the other day, so that Mike could receive his baptismal interview, and learned a lot.  I honestly can say that I haven't met one missionary here that I don't like.  I don't know if that's because we just have an awesome mission, or if I'm becoming better and liking people.  Probably a little bit of both!  Elder Scott was very impressed with our area, and especially impressed with VJ, our hopefully next baptism.  He says VJ has the potential to be a leader in the KL area.  I agree.  Elder Scott and I talked a lot about the role of obedience in our lives, as we were waiting for a train to come.  He said that he gets to travel to a lot of other areas, and he gets to see the difference that obedience plays in all of them.  He said that as far as the KL Zone was concerned (which is all of West Malaysia) we were the strongest/most obedient.  

Went to a Pasar Malam (night market) and had some great steamed peanuts and satay.

We also had some really cool chinese investigators come to church yesterday, which was perfect because the lessons at Subang were practically personally catered to their needs.  So nice.  I was so proud of the Subang Branch, they fellowshippd them soooooo well.  In fact, Sis. Sophie is taking us and him for dinner tonight! +1

Yes, this past week was absurdly wet.  It rained SO much.  On Pday, we were in KL and decided to walk through the bird park.  It's pretty much a giant patch of jungle right in the middle of KL (they're version of central park?)  and about half way through, the strongest rainstorm I've seen since i've been in KL hit and we were stuck in the middle of it.  We were running, trying to find covering (that wasn't in the jungle) when some police officers saw us and took some pity on us and took us into their office.  It was kind of fun to talk with the officers.  They let us dry off/wait for the rain to let up.  We all were laughing because we had never heard thunder that loud before!  It was still boiling hot.

That's all I can remember,
Elder Robinson

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