Monday, March 18, 2013

uick email
David Robinson []
Sent:Monday, March 11, 2013 3:19 AM
Hello Family,

Ok I forgot to tell you that I was going to Singapore.  I am currently in a ridiculously nice mall right now, at a very nice computer just giving you a heads up.  I didn't realize that I forgot to email you about the trip until I was on the plane, haha!   And the plane was giving out free postcards/postage, so I wrote one telling you where I was haha.

I'm actually kind of mad right now.  The mission planned a trip for us to go to this place called Pulau Ubin (an island off Singapore), where they have a mountainbike course through the jungle.  i was way excited about going, and Elder Crum called me from Singapore to set it all up so we could go together with Elder Bodhaine too.  I was so excited.  Well, Crum was supposed to pick us up from the airport.  Elder TRotter's friend kind of told us wrong information, plus we didn't have a working cell phone, so Elder CRum ended up waiting at the airport, and we went into the city.  By that time, the others went to the island without me, and no one that we were with wanted to go, so now we're uselessly walking around Singapore seeing teh same old same old.  We get to come here ONCE every 3 months to do something cool, and we are spending it doing what we could do in Kuala Lumpur -___________- soo disappointed.  It goes back to my companion and his friend not wanting to go.  So... hopefully I will get something fun happen.  I just bought a huge bowl of Korean Bulgogi and edamame, so atleast I'm not as hungry :)

We may have a chance to email again later this week.  
Elder RObinson

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