Monday, March 25, 2013

Transfer News

Dear Family,

It's been a pretty exciting week so far.  Transfer news came this morning, and I will be staying in Klang and training a new missionary that is coming in the group.  So some time this week I'll be going to Singapore again to pick him up (which I'm very excited about because Elder Mayo is also training, and the Singapore Elders are way fun so it will be a good time).  Elder Trotter is being transferred to Kuching.  I don't know if he is happy or not about that.

This week was the mission tour, so President Mains and Elder Gerrit W. Gong (of the Seventy and Asia Area Presidency) toured the mission.  They were scheduled to come into KL on tuesday night to give a YSA fireside, and then on Wednesday morning there would be a missionary training.  Well, because it takes 1.5 hours to get to the PJ chapel from our house in Klang, elder trotter and I decided we would spend the night in KL because we had 2 investigators that wanted to go to the YSA thing, and then we had to be there again at 8:30 in the morning.  So, we packed up all our stuff, and went to the YSA activity.  During the activity, we learned that we were supposed to have our suit coats (we both forgot) and that we HAD to have them for the missionary training in the morning.  So, Tuesday night was a disaster.  We had to FLY back to KLang, and FLY back to KL.  Not actually, but very close.  It was a big ordeal.  Well, we showed up to the training looking good in our suits, only to have President Mains invite us to take offf our jackets (literally) 10 minutes after it started.  oof.  

Aside from the suit jacket ordeal, the training was really good.  You could just tell he was a general authority by the way he answered questions/concerns.  One thing that really stood out to me was how much he treated us like adults, even when some of the missionaries shouldn't have been given the honor haha.  A lot of the training was talking about how the increase in missionaries needs to work towards Malaysia getting a stake.  It was kind of funny, he let us have a 10 minute break (because it was 5 hours long) he was walking around, and then he comes up to me.  He asked me how I was, and then casually asks if I learned anything.  I (of course) said yes.  He then says, oh really?  what?  He quizzed me right on the spot!  It's a good thing I actually had something in mind to say.  It was kind of a cool experience actually.  Anyway, it was a great training.  He and his wife are fluent in Chinese and live in Hong Kong.

Another REALLY cool story.  Sis. Sophie's daughter and son in law are staying in Klang for a few months.  Well, her son in law, Mike, who isn't a member and has met with missionaries, agreed to let us meet with him.  We have been, and he is a great guy.  As we have been meeting him, he told us he wants to be baptized, for himself and for his family.  It was really cool.  He is scheduled for the 28th of April.  Everyone in the mission will be jealous that we have an American Baptism in Malaysia :D

Also, our investigator Beh is doing really well too.  He should be baptized on the 7th.  I'll send a picture of him, and two of our other investigators (indian) that are pretty great also.  

Today we went up into the Petronas Towers!  It was way cool.  Definitely one of the nicest buildings I've ever been in.  We weren't allowed to wear our name tags inside.  And we went through a ton of security checks (about 3x as much as the Malaysian airports do, but that's not saying a lot)  We got to go to the bridge, and then up to a members office on the 52nd floor.  If we want to go to the top, we have to pay 50RM.... so.. not happening.  It was really cool, even though it wasn't the clearest day.  Maybe when I have my "greenie" we'll come back on a nicer day.  I really want to be an expat over here.  They have the coolest lives, and get to go all over the place.  Maybe if I keep learning Chinese I'll be able to come back over here and maybe work for an Oil company 

So last Pday we went and got fitted for custom suits, and we got a really good deal.  We told the little chinese guy that we had to have them in a week, because we knew elder trotter was leaving.  So, we were fitted, and then today we were fitted again, and we will pick them up tomorrow after district meeting.  They look very nice.  Too nice.  I probably won't touch them until I get home.  

^^ all the perks of serving in KL.

I am really excited for this transfer.  I'm happy that I am training.  i think it will be a great time/experience introducing a new elder into the mission.  Crossing my fingers for a good one.  I remember all the things that I wish I would have known the first week haha.  And Klang is going to be such a fun place.  Especially because some of our work is finally coming to fruition.  I am just very excited.  A lot of people get disappointed with transfers ( not getting leadership positions, or not leaving an area) but I can honestly say that I am extremely excited with this one.  

I can't remember what else I wanted to tell you.  

ok bye!
Elder Robinson

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