Sunday, March 31, 2013


Dear Family,

It has been a crazy week, but a very fun week.

The first part of the week was spent trying to get Elder Trotter ready to go!  That was a struggle.  We had about 2938479265 errands to run, investigators to teach, and everything that could have inconveniently gone wrong... of course... went wrong.  haha.  Elder Trotter's suit that he had made had some issues in it, so we had to rush back to the tailor so he could get it fixed to exactly how he wanted it.  The suits look SO good though.  Look like a million bucks.  I refuse to wear them until I get home... malaysia will destroy them.  

As if we weren't busy enough, the AP's scheduled our flights at 8:30 in the morning at KLIA.... whihc is about 2 hours from our apartment.... So we had to spend the night in the Subang Jaya apartment, and stayed up all night trying to call/find taxis that would take us there at 5 in the morning that wouldn't charge an absurd amount.  Easier said than done.  After about 20 calls to different cab drivers, we finally found someone with some form of integrity that gave us a somewhat reasonable price.  So, no more Elder Trotter.  

Singapore was SO much fun.  because my flight was there so early, I beat almost everyone there, so I had lots of time to do stuff.  Elder Mayo is also training, and he will be serving in Singapore.  Singapore right now has just about all the fun elders, I'm kind of Jealous.  Anyway, Elder Mayo, Elder Crum and I did the usual (hit the town) and had a ton of fun.  Too much fun.  We got some really good Indonesian BBQ food as well as Burritos from a Mexican restaurant.  We also had a really good training by President and Sister Mains.  They always do a really good job.  

I got my new companion!  His name is Elder Stahle.  He is from Layton, Utah, went to davis.  He actually was in my MTC group, but had to leave almost immediately after he came in for emergency back surgery.  So he went home, got the surgery, recovered, and came back out.  He is pretty funny, likes to learn Chinese, and likes spicy food (so pretty much we get along just fine).  I have learned so far, from something that President told me once, that the happiest missionaries are the most obedient missionaries.  Definitely true.  We strive for EXACT obedience.  I was reading in Alma the other day about the stripling warriors, and how their success and protection was directly related to them doing exctly what they knew to be right.  Same here.  I think it's funny that the missionary mom website tells you to tell us to be obedient.  It's actually very surprising how many missionaries rationalize being 'less than obedient' to the rules.  I guess we all have our agency, right?  We love them all.  

It is very strange being senior companion.  A lot more responsibility, like, a noticeable amount.  It seems like I am constantly thinking about where our next investigator will come, what our next lesson will be about, and how I can to better to improve myself for the next time.  I also find myself constantly self checking to see if we are following all the rules.  If the trainers don't trian the new guys with all the right rules from the beginning, then the next generation of missionaries is not as effective.  It's a lot of work, and somehow the hours keep going by faster now.  Oh, and I feel about 2x as tired.  it's a good tired though.  

What else,

Oh.  Beh is going to be baptized this upcoming Sunday.  Last night, we went through the Baptismal interview with him and it was amazing to see how far he's come.  He is very ready.  He is so strange, but so funny at the same time.  His testimony is very simple, but very true.  The fact that we can eliminate bad feelings in our heart, by turning our hearts towards the Savior, and becoming new people.  For him, since he knew nothing about Christianity before the missionaries, it is cool to see how someone with no preknowledge can understand this message.  It also is a testimony to me that this message isn't for christians alone.  It's not just something we tell ourselves to help us sleep at night.  It's not something some secret group of guys way back when conjured to oppress the masses.  But rather, it's something that each person can find for themselves.  Something that does not change.  Truths that are found in many things, but in it's fullness in the gospel.  It's a precious time we have to share this with others.

We've been having the opportunity to do just that with a group of Hindus.  Starting from scratch.  You cannot assume they know anything.  I like it that way.  That way, they have to check for themselves if it is really possible/plausible/true at every step.  They're all doing quite well.  

We also found some random less actives that moved from Sarawak to Klang, and we got them to church yesterday.  They are all so funny.  Good language practice.  

Ok, so I'm happy and healthy.  Today I'm taking my greenie into China town to buy some fake sunglasses and see KL.  Should be fun.

Oh, and NO one knew it was easter yesterday.  In fact, I taught sunday school about easter because no one (except for the old time members) knew what it was.

OH, and one of the Klang families will be in Salt Lake this week.  I can't say why right now, because I think it hasn't been 'announced' yet (hehe).  I may or may not have them bring you guys something.  

Elder Robinson

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