Monday, March 18, 2013

Not So Good

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Not so good
David Robinson []
Sent:Sunday, March 03, 2013 8:06 PM
Dear Family,

This week was not the finest week for the Klang Elders.  There were several BAD things that happened.  maybe I'll tell you the bad things first.

On Friday, we rode to some flats in Klang to, you know, do the Lord's work, help people find Jesus Christ, serve the people here.  Well, we teach our lesson, leave their flat at about 6:00PM to find our bike lock cut... and MY bike stolen.  Not our bikes... just mine.  It was in a wide open, public spot, by a restaurant, locked to a light post.  I was fuming, walking around, and some lady comes up to me and tells me that my bike was stolen.  I try to keep my calm.  She then says that she was sitting at the restaurant and watched while it happened.  Gee, thanks.  So, after walking around the whole flat finding the roughest looking teens and offering them cash to find whoever took my bike, we finally walked home.  Ergh.  It also has been extremely hot this week.  Not just by white people standards, but even the locals are complaining about it.  So we had to walk in the heat.  

thankfully, a great ward member dennis took us to a bike shop, where I bought the exact same bike, with all the fixings, for 500RM less than I did in Miri.  Turns out that all goods that are brought into Malaysia via ship must go through Port Klang.  So, since we're on the port, goods are generally cheaper.  We also bought a couple locks that are about as thick as my arm.  Ain't nobody cutting through that.  Hopefully.  I had been saving up a little money every month from my support so I could buy a new suit here, but I had to use all that money plus my Ang pao to replace my bike :(

Elder Trotter has been sick (again), but this time I think he's actually sick.  He sounded terrible and has kind of been out of it.  We made the mistake of telling some chinese ward members, who are now coming over at night giving chinese herbal medicines.  Elder Trotter hates any kind of Chinese tradition, so he refuses it.  haha I just kind of laugh about it.  Anyway, he finally took some herbal medicine and FELT BETTER.  He was trying to act like they didn't help, but I think they secretly did ^___^

We found a Hokkien man and his elderly mother a few weeks ago, and began teaching them.  They weren't high on our priority list, because the mom can't speak any english, and her Bahasa isn't so good, and her son (who speaks perfect english) is crazy.  Well, they came to church last week in Klang, and wanted to come again this week.  Every fast sunday, we have to go to church in PJ, which is far away, so we arrange rides.  The Ting family stepped in to help us out, and picked us up.  We went to this chinese home, and the mom was ready, but the son wasn't.  We had told him when we were coming, and said we had no time to wait, so we left.  Long story short, he finds his way to the church at about 12:30 (church starts at 9:00) after taking his moto, running out of gas, and finding rides.  He freaks out at us, like screaming and making this huge scene.  Thankfully, no one is left at the church but the missionaries.  The church is in a nice place in PJ, like by all the jewelry shops and banks, so everyone is wondering why there is a crazy guy there.  Anyway, he somehow got Sophie Ting's number, and was quite literally harassing her and us all night.  The poor guy is legitimately crazy, and he was determined to meet with "Madam Sophia Ting" (when we corrected the name, he got even hotter).  So I was embarrassed out of my mind, and extremely worried that the Ting's will never help us again.  Turns out they thought it was funny >.<

Ok, some good news.

Beh went to church in Bintulu yesterday, and brought some of his friends to meet with the missionaries there.  The Bintulu Elders called us and told us how awesome the referral he brought was.  They had nothing but good things to say about Beh.  That really made our day.  I can tell he is going to be a keeper.  We're excited for him to come back this week.  

Also, Sister Sophie's daughter moved back from Boston with her Husband.  Her husband is not a member, so Sister Sophie wanted us to get to know him and see if we could befriend him.  Well, turns out he is a 6 foot somehting ex-marine puerto rican/african american... through and through.  He is so cool.  It was also really nice to speak to someone in English, and not Singlish.  He is loving Malaysia (only been here for a week).  Anyway, he is really great, and his wife too.  They were both really excited to get to know us, and to help us out.  (she translated into chinese for some investigators at church)  So we're excited to get to know thme.  Plus, he gets to drive the Ting's nice cars and take us out to dinner on Pday!  

We met with the Katazan SDA's yesterday and had such a cool lesson.  We wrapped up the 'first lesson' of the restoration, and it was just so powerfully simple that they couldn't argue anything.  Every question they had went back to the Book of Mormon.  It all does.  One of them responded not so well to it, but another one (one of the smart ones) was interested in finding out for himself.  I was just amazed at how straightforward it was, how nothing was hiding or left out.  It was there.  When you know the truth, you don't have to worry about anything, because it will withstand anything. cool experience.

I'm also kind of realizing that as a missionary, we're not here to learn all the little tricks of the scriptures, or anything like that.  It's more about the obedience.  The time to forget yourself and follow His will in His way.  That's what this whole life is about.  If it all depended on how 'smart' we were, or how 'successful' we were, not many would qualify.  One thing that we can all do is submit the natural/carnal will for the higher, more refined, more fulfilling will of our creator.  It sounds esoteric, but it's just as applicable to us as it was to people 2438 years ago.  It's not some weird secret, hidden in a few verses of some old book.  It's just the way of living.  fun stuff to think about.

Elder Robinso

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