Monday, October 21, 2013

Super Good Week

Dear Family,

This week was so good.  Elder Scott and I have attributed it all to prayer.  Last week during reporting with the Assistants, they asked if we had been praying vocally as a companionship more.  We hadn't.  So we made it a point to pray more, together.  It seemed uncomfortable at first, but we soon saw the benefits of it.  We noticed we were more focused during times when we usually weren't.  We felt like we were calibrated with the Spirit, and with the Lord's will, more.  We noticed that we weren't as annoyed with things.  We felt more promptings throughout each day to pray more, and with each prayer, we found ourselves trusting more and more to God's will.  It's hard to describe, but something felt.  It seemed like there were a lot more miracle stories throughout the week.

Sister Alice, who was baptized in late August, introduced us to two of her daughters and their families this week.  Their families are so good, just like Alice, and were interested in learning more.  Alice was a single mother when they were young, and had to split the family up and put them in separate houses to ensure each would be properly taken care for.  She feels so sad that she couldn't bring them all up on her own, but feels such a responsibility to help them now.  Her children were all raised Hindu, so introducing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is new for all of them.  Alice is the real driving force, and you can tell just how important it is for her children to feel the joy that she has experienced.  We are planning on seeing them more this week.

We had a baptism on Saturday!  It was such a nice day.  Padmah's daughter, Vishar, was baptized, along with the sister missionaries' investigator Vaanitha Wilson.  They are both so cool.  Vaanitha is 18, and is planning on serving a mission next year.  Vaanitha's mother came to the baptism, who is a hindu, and made so many friends, especially with Padmah.  The KL branch is so good.  It's like one big family.  Literally everyone that we bring always has the same description for the people there "genuine" and "like family".  The best part about it is that there are people from all over the world, and from just about every walk of life.  Just yesterday we watched the Asia Area Conference via broadcast from Salt Lake City.  Elder David F. Evans, of the 70, along with Elder Robert D. Hales and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland addressed us.  It was to over 18 countries.  The Asia area covers most of the worlds population, and is one of the frontiers of the church in this time (that was a long intro for just one line.... haha). Elder Holland made a comment that seemed like it was directly aimed for malaysia that really stood out for me.  He more or less said, "Every one of our Muslim, Buddhist, and HIndu brothers and sisters at one point in the premortal life accepted and supported our Father in Heaven's Plan of Salvation, of which Jesus Christ is the center".  I love that perspective, it changed how we see those around us.  One of the coolest parts of the mission is seeing the phenomenon of a person, who has never learned about the Gospel, realize it for themselves.  People on the outside see it as eliminating culture, and homogenizing people.  Quite the contrary.  It helps people find truths for themselves, and allows for them to realize their potential.  The different cultures, outlooks, and experiences are one of the reasons why KL Branch is soo cool!
Last night, one of the Expat couples, Rich and Delynne, invited us over to have a dinner/devotional with their parents (visiting from Canada), Vaanitha and her family, and Padmah/family.  It was such an uplifting night being with everyone, eating, enjoying the spirit, and learning together.  I remember just lying in bed smiling and wishing that every night could feel like that.

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa, I got the birthday card!  Say hi to Carolle and Spencer for me!

Also, I want to write Ashely and Braden.  Do you have their emails?

Transfers are coming in 10 minutes, so it'll be exciting to see what happens.(will be staying in KL)

Elder Sroufe!  Yeah, I remember him!  Many an interesting/funny experiences with that Elder!  Say hello to him from me.  

Package..... I can't think of anything that I need as of now....

ok Good bai
Elder Robinson

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