Monday, October 7, 2013

Gooood Week

Dear Family,

Sorry you didn't get my emails last week, for some reason it sad Mom/Dad's email was blocking any letters from my account... I tried and retried several times, but then figured Eric/Kaitlin would have filled you in.   I wasn't transferred... transfers are on the 24th.  

There was a lot of cool things that happened this week.  On Thursday/friday we flew down to Singapore for MLC.  It was a very nice time.  I was able to go to my favorite Indonesian barbecue before the meeting, so that was nice.  It was a looooong meeting, from 3-9:30, but it was good.  President Mains didn't announce anything too crazy, but rather spent time teaching us (I prefer it that way).  There was the usual petty concerns that always get brought up, but the majority of the time was spent learning from President and Sister Mains.  President Mains, from the beginning, has been determined to have the Singapore Mission become a "Preach My Gospel Mission", and that each of us would become "Preach My Gospel Missionaries".  He helped put it in a really good perspective that we are all on our way to becoming the type of person that the Lord wants and expects us to be.  He has worked very hard to shape the 'culture' of the mission, and has done a great job of it.  Looking back from how the mission was one year ago, a lot of things have changed.  He is very good at seeking direction, and following it with exactness.

I also had a cool experience the other day.  I was out on exchanges with the District Leader in Klang- my first time being back since I left it.  When we got there, he hadn't planned anything, so we went back to the house and began looking through the area book.  It was interesting to see the records of all the people we had started teaching, and for one reason or another, had stopped.  We didn't have the complete address on a few of them (very hard to get here sometimes), so we decided we would go try and make contact with some of them.  One of the names was Zechariah- the punjabi man that we met in January, who seemed like he was so prepared, who knew gospel vocabulary, and seemed just like an American.  We had such high hopes for him back then, and then he completely fell off the radar.  Well, Elder Allen and I decided to try and locate his flat again.  After looking for some time, we decided to stop and pray, to ask for guidance on how to find his flat.  It was miraculous.  We both started walking, just talking to eachother.  We went up a few stories in a building and as we were passing a door, I saw his wife.  It shocked us both!  It freaked me out a bit, actually.  We darted out of the way, and said a prayer of thanks.  I walked back to the door, and said, hello.  His wife saw me, and says, "hello friend".  Zechariah, who was watching TV, turns and yells "ROBINSON CRUSOE, HOW ARE YA?"  Again, I was shocked!  I couldn't believe he remembered who I was.  It has been 8 months already, and we only met him 2x.  He said he had an errand to run in Sunway, and invited us to come with him and talk.  We drove with him for about an hour and a half, and talked about the gospel, about what had happened, about what he believed.  At the end of the night, he agreed to meet with the Klang elders again.  It was such a 'tender mercy' of the Lord to let me see him again.  I remember how excited I was when I met him, and how disappointed I was that we never saw him again.  I always thought it was because we had said something wrong.  I realize now that Heavenly Father had a different lesson in mind.  Seeing it through new eyes, I understood that before was just not the time for him, and that we do not get to choose another person's fate or timing.  what a nice night.

Oh, for the housing situation.  I'm fine with it.  I would look into the neighborhood, see how far away from campus, have kaitlin scope it out to make sure it's in a good place.  I'm a bit nervous it would be in some area where the ward would be full of married couples or old people.  Other than that, it should be fun.

We had  a fantastic day at church yesterday.  We had an investigator and her kids come for the first time, and we were shocked at how happy she was to be there.  

We also were looking for a name on the branch directory we had never met, and found him!  It turns out that he is a Melchezidek Priesthood holder, and it seemed like all he needed was a invite to come back.

I'm so done with typing already!  ok Bai
Elder Robinson

ps.  thanks for the package, the treats are sooo good.  

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