Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Post Transfers

Dear Family,

Wow- it sounds like you all had a nice week.  I'm so happy that you were able to meet up with Sis. Sophie, Janelle, Mike, and Melody.  I cannot believe the Jake Trotter was at the house haha.  I miss all of them so much.  We had such a nice time while in Klang, it's nice to be able to go back every now and again for exchanges.  Not many people in this mission get that experience, so I'm glad I did.  They do such a good job at keeping the missionaries and the church in that part of KL afloat.  I hope Mike is doing ok, we think about him all the time.  It seems like his work situation is no good in SLC.  I'm hoping that having his family here has helped raise his spirits.

I see you got the last minute email- I'm staying in KL for another transfer.  haha I can't believe I have been in the city this long.  My nickname throughout the mission is turning into the "KLKid" because by the end of this transfer, I'll have been here for a year O.o  I'm glad that I've been able to spend a lot of time in my two areas here.  This past week has reminded me of several reasons why I given the opportunity to be for so long.  Both Elder Scott and I have been able to work a lot with the members in the KL Branch, and have gotten really close to them.  I think they're some of the greatest people in the world, and they do so much for us.  One night this week, we had a couple, Rich and Delynne, and the Branch President's Family (the Woodfords), take us out to Chinese food.  It was such a nice dinner because we spent the time talking about missionary work, all the changes that have taken place in the KL branch in the past few months, and how excited we were all to be there, and to be a part of the work.  It meant a lot to hear that these power members in the Branch were appreciative of us, and it makes me want to go out and do even more.  They treat us so well, and are such examples too.  Just this morning, we got an sms from one of the sisters saying, "I saw you all on the other train, and hope that you're all having a good day.  Shout out if there is anything we can do to help"  Yesterday, at church, we had an investigator coming for the first time.  The chapel is easy to find once you've been there before... So, naturally, our investigator had no idea where to go.  After Sacrament meeting, Elder Rasmussen and I went outside to call him.  Mid conversation, Bro. Moore comes out and tell us to get in his car, we're finding him.  The missionary work has gone on so well because we have so many key people on board.

I should have planned a bit more what I wanted to write, because I feel a bit scatterbrained today.

Oh!  So my new companion is named Elder Rasmussen.  He is from Franklin, Tennessee (just outside Nashville), went to BYU a year before his mission, and is from my same MTC group.  I didn't know him very well in the MTC, but I sat next to him on the way from Los Angeles to Hong Kong... a hint gone undiscovered that I would soon be strapped to his hip for much longer than a 14 hour plane ride :)  He is great, and we're already having a good time.  He has never served in a branch for longer than 12 weeks, so he hopes that he is here to stay for a while.  He has served in Bintulu, Singapore, Sabah, and now KL.  It was sad to see Elder Scott go, but I'm sure he's doing well in Sibu.  I can't believe we were companions for 3 transfers... it went by really quickly, and ages at the same time.

We had 6 investigators come to church yesterday.  We have a baptism planned for this month, and hopefully some more before Christmas.  We have such cool investigators, but they can only meet once or twice a week.  This means that we spend a lot of time contacting and just talking to new people.  I'm always impressed at how willing people are to talk, even when it doesn't seem like it on the outside.  It's often the hardest thing to do, to just open your mouth, but I rarely have a bad experience doing it.  Each time I get a prompting to talk to someone, I always find that there is a reason for it.  For some reason or another, every person that we run into, or are around, was placed there for a reason.  That being said, I find it ironic that of the millions of people in this city, we always run into the same (sometimes 'crazy') people... missionary life...  

I feel bad that I don't have any specific stories in this email.  We had a lesson with a 23 year old Chinese guy named John.  He was the guy that stopped us on his motto and said that he wanted to come to church.  He has been doing so well, and loves the YSA here.  We had a lesson with him, and decided to invite Vaanitha (who was just baptized last week).  We taught about Jesus Christ, his life, and how his sacrifice for us can make such a difference in our lives.  The best part of the lesson was when Vaanitha bore testimony.  I was shocked at some of the things she said!  John also loved hearing it from her, and would then ask her questions about the Gospel.  It was so cool to see a newly baptized member taking such a proactive role in helping our investigator understand the importance of the Savior-- especially when he has no prior knowledge about Jesus Christ.  I think it is really powerful when a members testifies and promises to an investigator during a lesson.  John felt it, and told us of his new determination to get to know the Savior personally.  Vaanitha was raised hindu, and John Buddhist, one indian, the other Chinese, and yet the principles of the gospel transcend what the rest of KL would label uncompromising differences.  I'm glad we get to be here for it!

We heard news that by 2015, the church is planning on opening the Kuala Lumpur STAKE!  We have the required number of melchezidek priesthood holders now, we just need to increase numbers.  This will be the first stake in Malaysia!  Even though I won't be here to see it, it still feels awesome to be a part of it all.  President Mains has asked all Zone Leaders to meet with their district presidents, especially us here in KL, to find out how we can integrate the members and the missionaries better.  It's neat, and a bit daunting, to discussing about such big things with the key leaders who are making history here.  We're excited.  The missionaries have been working with locating and accounting for all members on the branch lists, and we hope to have a more accurate number soon.  

We are trying out a new internet Cafe, and they play super loud club music, so I'm attributing this email's 'lacking' to our inability to stay concentrated in here!

I'm 100% sure that next transfer I will be out of here.  I have no idea where I will go next, and it's weird to even think about serving in a non KL place. haha.\

Ok bai!  Say hello to the Tings for me!
Elder Robinson
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