Monday, September 9, 2013

Dear Family,

Very nice week!  Quite busy (as usual) and full of fun times.  Today is also transfer day, and I found out that neither Elder Scott nor I will be leaving KL as Zone Leaders.  I'm really grateful for that.  It's been a super fast companionship- atleast it has felt that way.  It is super unusual for president mains to keep companionships together for longer than 12 weeks... but I guess he wants us to stay together!  I'm fine with it.  It's a little funny because he made a big deal to everyone about how he was going to be transferred out of KL ^___^

We had the assistants come to KL on Wednesday, as well as two other chinese Elders who had a long layover in KL stay over the night on their way to Sitiawan.  There were 8 elders in our little apartment.... nightmare... but it actually turned out really fun.  We woke up early that morning, and some of us ran to the Petronas Towers.  It was nice to run outside when the sun hadn't completely come up yet.  

I think rainy season is approaching, because it has been super stormy.  KL usually has storm clouds around it, but it has been exceptionally dark and cooler.  I prefer it that way :) it makes walking around the city much more bearable!! 

We spent some time looking for addresses of members that no one in the branch knows about.  It's sad how many people are on the Branch list and NO ONE knows who they are.  A big problem in the past was people baptizing illegal foreigners, and then their sketchy history catches up with them, and then they just disappear.  There are 8 steps that we have to take before we can take them off the KL record, and send them to Salt Lake.  One of which is to find their addresses.  I secretly like playing detective, trying to find them, but it's always a struggle trying to find them.  We went to one this week that is now a muslim Melayu restaurant.  We were running late to an appointment, so we tried to take a short cut by walking alongside of the river.  Bad idea.  We ended up climbing over mountains of garbage, trying to cross rivers (plural) and cutting down small trees.... in KL... haha.

One of our members, on his way to church last week, invited his taxi driver to follow him in.  He had a good experience at church, and gave us his phone number.  We were walking around a random part of town, trying to get home from meeting with an investigator, when a taxi pulled up next to us.  Taxis in KL see white people and have a field day with their horns and lights, so I just looked the other way and shook my hand.  He wouldn't leave, so we looked into the window and it was the same guy that Bro. Lim brought to church the other day!  He gave us a free ride, and asked some great questions about the Book of Mormon.  He came to church yesterday as well.

Sis. Padmah is going to be baptized this Saturday.  She has come  a long way, and it has been great to see the Book of Mormon in her life.  She has a son who recently was talked into converting to islam, and now all her grandkids are islam.  Her son, and his wife, have made some bad life choices as well, and Padmah has been so worried about the well being of her grandkids. We didn't know the full details of just how worried she really was.  On thursday, while we were waiting for our member to show up, I flipped open randomly to 3 Nephi 17:20-25.  As we began to talk with her, I got a prompting to share this scripture with her, that she needed it.  As she read the passage, she cried and cried.  She said that it has been the Lord and His word that has carried her through these hard times.  She said she felt the Lord say the grand kids will be alright.  She then shared with us some other experiences she has had with the Book of Mormon.  It's very humbling to see the power of God's love, as manifested in the Book of Mormon, lighten others' loads and help them find peace.  It leads people to Jesus Christ.

I will be in Singapore on Wednesday for MLC.  I'm excited, as always, to see everyone and hear from President Mains.  It's always a nice time.

Ok good bai!
Elder Robinson

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