Monday, September 16, 2013


Dear Family,

What an exciting/fast/busy week.  

This past Wednesday, we woke up at the crack of dawn to fly to Singapore.  Usually they fly us out of KLIA airport, but because they wanted to experiment saving costs, they flew us out of a smaller airport (with an ironic super big name: Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Airport haha).  We weren't sure how traffic would be, or if it would take a while, so we left our apartment in a taxi at 6:45 for a 9:50 flight.  We got there SO EARLY.  We checked our bags, and as we were looking for breakfast places, we realized that the airport was somewhat nearby Bandar Utama... where there just so happens to be a Cinnabon... We haven't ever had it here, so we were going to try it... but then we chickened out.... President Mains probably wouldn't have been too impressed if we missed MLC for a cinnamon roll... O.o

MLC was fantastic- as always.  There wasn't so much busy work to take care of, so a lot of it was training by President Mains to us.  We are getting so many missionaries in the mission.  When I came in, there were around 100.  By the end of December, we'll have almost 180.  They just split up the Singapore Zone into North and South, and called a second set of Training Sisters.  We always have the MLC in the Singapore High Council Room in the Stake Center (supposed to remind us of our goal to bring a stake to Malaysia), but there just isn't enough room anymore!  We were told that that was the last mission wide MLC, and that from now on, there will be East and West MLCs.  The mission is practically split in half, except for a second Mission President.  I would not be surprised if they make a new mission after President Mains.  It's very exciting.  Also sad that we will have no communication with the East missionaries unless we get transferred over to that side.

President Mains challenged us all to have an increase of faith and love in the work.  Very simple, but his explanations and analysis were so good.  I'm not going to try and retell it.  

We also had a Baptism this week!  Sister *****, or as we call her, Padmah!  She was so nervous for the interview, but she did fine.  We had the baptism on Saturday so that her favorite branch members could attend, and then confirmed her on Sunday.  She kept saying, "I feel like a baby, so pure!"  She was so happy to see everyone there.  What is really sad is that part of her family couldn't be there, and can't be with her, because they are legally Muslim.  Sister Padmah was so excited at church yesterday, and was talking to everybody.  Our Branch President, President Woodford, is soooo good at making sure they are taken care of.  He is awesome.  

It's sad, a really strong couple in the branch (that helped Padmah a lot) are moving to Baku, Azerbaijan next month... :(  They're expats working in oil, and got a new job offer.  Supposedly it's really nice there?  

What else?

For Padmah's baptismal interview, Elder Scott took Elder Stahle (our district Leader) and I took Elder Misa 'alefua on exchanges.  He is my "grandson" in the mission, and he is super funny.  Really good guy, with a ton of drive and willingness to work hard.  He told me all of the college offers to play football he turned down to come on a mission.  He is Eric's age O.o

I got your package in Singapore!  haha I don't know what I'm going to do with the jello molds!  And about those books... we're not supposed to read anything except for the approved list.  I'll hold onto them for post mission.  I think there's another transfer on the 10 of October, and I think we could be affected by it.  Companionships are NEVER together for over 3 months... and here we are...

The Elders from Malacca are coming up tonight to stay over at our house, so we're excited for that.  

I can't think of anything else.  Bai!
Elder Robinson

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