Sunday, June 16, 2013

First off, HAPPY FATHER"S DAY, DAD!  I completely forgot about it until I read President Mains' email telling us to remember... haha, no one talks about it here, so I don't know if they celebrate it.  Hopefully you eat something good, Boston Creme Pie?

This past week was a lot of fun.  For the first time since I have been in KL, we had a two night stay in Singapore, instead of busing out on Thursday night.  It was great.  Elder Crum and Elder Mayo are living in the same house in Singapore, so we spent most of the time with them and their companions.  Again, too much fun.  We did the usual-- eat delicious singaporean food.  President Mains wanted us to spend as much time at the Stake Center as possible, which was actually really fun because then we were able to be around all the missionaries.  It's great to see old faces like that.  We had a fun training where we teamed up with the Sabah Zone, and practiced our language skills.  I made sure that i was paired with a native (even though I may have bothered others in the process...)  I was so proud that he said my Bahasa was really good, but that I had a thick KL accent!  haha, that's exactly what I wanted!  We had a good laugh.  We also had an interesting training on the language of prayer, and the reasons why we use different language.  Respect, Relationship, Responsibility.  

I am so happy that you guys were able to meet with Mike and Mel!  I can't believe that the person I taught, who was in Klang just a little bit ago, is now eating at our house!  Janelle showed me the pictures.... all of them, including the embarrassing ones -_____-  
I'm glad you like them, I really think they're great.  I hope he figures out what he wants to do now, I was kind of nervous about that when he left.  I think he is going to need a good ward with a good Elders Quorum.  I think he needs to be a young men's leader.  I didn't get a chance to get his email address, so have him shoot me an email when he can. 

Elder Stahle and I are sending a package home.  We are trying to save money and just include it all in one package.  In it is my Baju Melayu and Sarung, some books that were given me by some other Imams, and some other stuff.  I think the Stahle's will contact you when it arrives.  I don't think I will have enough time today to buy kaitlin a Hijab-- especially if she wants a nice one.  You can buy them, literally, everywhere, but there are so many cheap looking ones-- I can't buy those ones.  And as far as Sari's go, Klang has a thriving little India, with lots of silk shops where mom and dad can buy a nice one.  

We had a significant experience where an investigator had an extremely challenging week, and the gospel was able to help.  It is far too private to share over email, but I will say that the Book of Mormon, and the Spirit it invited, saved his life this week.  It blows my mind how powerful the Book of Mormon can be when the beholder understands what it is.  It also blows my mind to see how it can be just a book to someone who does not understand.  This was a huge leap for this investigator, as he was able to experience that for himself.  I sometimes get caught up in thinking of the Book of Mormon solely as a tool for proving the Restoration, and forget how much of a role it plays in just the everyday conversion.  I think for most people, the best part about it is that it helps them draw nearer to God.  

At church yesterday, in the class I taught, we had people reading out of 4 different languages.... very cool, very challenging.  

Elder Gee sent me a picture from France, and I can't even imagine what it is like doing missionary work in a place like that.  So beautiful.  

I can't think of anything else to include.  I'm getting nervous about transfers next week.  I've got a lot to take care of just in case I get shipped out of here!  

ok bai
Elder Robinson

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