Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dear Family,


I just got off the phone with President Mains, and he asked if I would be the new Kuala Lumpur Zone Leader!  I don't have to leave!  In fact, I get to move to downtown KL.  I'm pretty excited about that.  I guess I'll be able to keep the name KL kid!  It's the largest Zone in the mission.  I also will have to report to Singapore once a month for Mission Leadership Council.  Elder Mayo is a ZL in Singapore! Fun times ahead.

What else happened this week.  

One of our investigators, over the past few weeks, has had some very significant experiences with his testimony.  It has been amazing for me to see, first hand, how the gospel (properly applied) can have a healing effect on a person's life.  I think what is even better is when the individual realizes that it is happening.  This week, unfortunately, was the last week we would be with him for a while, because he is temporarily moving up north to work on a resort island.  We've been talking to him on the phone, since he has moved, and I'm positive when he comes back (in two months) he will be baptized.  He has picked September 8th as the day he wants to prepare himself to be baptized.  It has been humbling to get to know him.  

I'm so glad that I'm still staying in KL so that I can see how the Klang group continues.  There are several people that I want to see still.  As in, I hope I am able to attend their baptisms.  This really is a blessing that I will still be so close to the people I have grown close to.  We have an investigator, his name is Jason, and we had one of the most tender (for lack of a better word) lessons I've ever had.  Tender, in that it was so evident how merciful the Lord is in remembering all of his children.  Sometimes, we don't realize we need food until we feel the hunger pains in our stomach.  I think this is the same in the gospel.  

btw, this is really hard for me to stay focused on email, because I have 293750475 people calling me. 

I also went on exchanges with Elder Connoly, who is serving in PJ, and it was a nice experience.  He is leaving in just a few weeks, so it was really nice to see his perspective on things.  He is having a hard time with his companion.  He is holding up really well though.  Ok, I don't really no what else to write.... my brain is a little jumbled at the moment.  

Happy Father's Day, Dad!  I plan on writing another, smaller email to you, so hold on abit.

Elder Robinson

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