Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dear Family,

There is no stopping it seems like!  We had another very busy week that was a lot of fun.

Last Monday night, we took our investigator Sheila to a members house to have a family home evening- it went so well!  You could tell that she was exhausted from work, but she opened right up over dinner and really connected well with Bro Donny and Sis. Gretchen.  Yesterday at church was really special because Sheila came (her first non-stake conference time in Singapore) and was fellowshipped so well.  I don't know what it is about Filipinos.  I'm almost 100% that the work is going so well in the Philippines because they are so quick to love one another and reach out to others.  Before church started, we told a couple members that we were expecting Sheila to come, and when she arrived, there were sisters sitting by her, talking to her, hugging her, brothers helping explain things, teachers getting to know her.  She had a big smile the entire time.  After church, we had a lesson with her where we invited her to be baptized.  She was so happy we had brought it up because she had been thinking about it ever since she got back from her vacation in Macau.  The members we had follow to the appointment were so supportive of her and her son, and offered to help and provided encouragement.  We received an sms from her late last night saying she had just read 2 Nephi 31.  We're so excited for her.  Her 18 year old son too.  This could be the first assistant baptism in years!  

Well we weren't in Singapore for much of this week.  We left Tuesday afternoon for Kuala Lumpur.  We had a neat experience sitting by an English business man who was living in KL, who had been to slc.  He said it was kind of a sketchy city?  I had to clarify and make sure we were talking about the same place... KL was a blast!  When we landed, the Zone Leaders couldn't meet up with us, so we grabbed a nice dinner at one of our favorites.  I ended up getting chicken tandoori, garlic na'an, a curry set, limeade, and 30 chicken satays (i shared on that last one....).  It was so good, and not expensive.  I'm already kind of bored emailing, so I'm just going to include the highlights.  A recent convert of mine, deborah, was having a recent convert lesson with the ZLs at McDonald's.  She bought us so much food (between 4 people: 6 bic macs, 6 large fries, 6 sundaes, 6 cokes).  I don't know what she expected us to do with that!  It was really nice to see her again, and to see that she was doing so well.  She is planning on moving back to Bali, and has already located the branch there all on her own.  One of the ZLs is my old comp, Elder Rasmussen, who helped me kind of work through what I wanted to major in.  He's a great guy.  
On Thursday morning we flew over to East Malaysia, Miri.  We had New Missionary Training there for all the new missionaries in East Malaysia.  Their group is so full of energy and potential- so cool.  One of the trainers, Elder Coleman, knows a ton of my friends from BYU, so it was really fun to spend some time reminiscing with him.  I followed the Zone Leaders (Elder Bodhaine and Elder Tan) for the time there, which was a great time.  Elder Bodhaine is great friend, and the funny thing is that he is now living in the same house that we were trained in.  It was funny throw back to once again be in the same house as him.  I know Elder Tan's family pretty well from KL, he's a great missionary.  We had some great lessons there.  While the Zone Leaders were doing their weekly planning, I took one of the new missionaries and went to a couple of the families that I used to teach while I was in Miri.  I was pleasantly surprised that they hadn't forgotten who I was, even though I was only there for a few months.  They fed us some interesting Iban food, I'll attach a picture.  I love being with all the missionaries.  We have such a fun group in the mission!  

We flew back to Singapore late on Saturday night, and didn't get much done other than laundry.  I can't recall if I mentioned this last time, but our washing machine was broken for 10 days (fixed right after we flew to KL on tuesday), so we were getting so desperate for clean clothes.  It has been such an ordeal.  So much anxiety over laundry.  

This upcoming week is also going to be quite busy.  On Tuesday, we fly to Kuala Lumpur for the West Malaysia new missionary training, and then at 8:45 that same night, we fly to Kota Kinabalu to do exchanges for a few days, then on Thursday, we fly back over to Penang to finish off the week there.  We'll be back for church on Sunday.  Somehow we'll have to figure our where to teach Sheila in all of this!  It's getting to the point where we know and recognize the stewards/stewardess for Malaysia Airlines... and they recognize us haha.  Exciting news from Penang this last week, one of the Elders in this mission is from Penang (Elder Tan) and he was able to fly back to Penang on thursday to baptize his Dad.  President Mains was also there, and said how touching it was.  I just spoke with the ZLs this morning who said that there were atleast 60+ people there.  The Penang branch could really use this.  

President Mains also showed me a picture of Elder Wirthlin over at his house in Pennsylvania!  haha Whit...  I also heard that Mariel is engaged?  How interesting!  I'm waiting for her to send some details!

I'll send another email with the classes I'd like to take.

Elder Robinson

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