Friday, August 2, 2013

members, members, members

Dear Family,

Another very long/busy/rewarding week.  Where to start.

As Zone Leaders, we are supposed to go on exchanges with everyone in the zone at least one time per 6 week transfer, so we have been doing one a week.  Well, we planned to do exchanges with the Puchong elders this week.  We got a call late on Tuesday night from the Assistants that they ALSO would be doing exchanges with us for 48 hours!  Oh my word.  It was such a long couple of days.  Terrible idea to do multiple exchanges at the same time..... but we also had a lot of fun because of it!  We had plenty of work to do, and it was nice being able to have extra people there to help teach.  

Elder Parker (the Assistant) and Elder Smith (Puchong District Leader) followed me to KL, and the Elder Scott went with the others down to Puchong.  We had a lot of good talks about deep doctrine stuff-- lot of fun haha!  Elder Parker is leaving this week, as well as Elder Trotter, so it was good to hear his advice and input about the mission and missionary life.  

We also had two sisters transferred to KL, which is SO nice.  They don't have anything to do, so we had to fill them in on the branch, the work, and just about everything else.  It's so nice having them because now, since they don't have any work, they absorb all the busy work that we had to do!  It sounds bad, but they're perfect for it, and are doing some great things.  There are some serious pros to having a set of sisters and elders in a branch.  

As stated in the title, the highlight of this week was the members!  I can't believe how people are assuming position, and stepping up to the plate.  Missionary work takes on a whole new lead when there is a member there who is interested in helping another draw closer to Christ.  We have had several people approach us just this week and tell us, "we want to follow you to an appointment atleast once a week from now on".  It's fantastic.  What is really interesting to see is the effect it has on ALL parties involved.  There is a line in Preach My Gospel that talks about what an investigator needs to know and feel, what the missionaries need to know and feel, and what the members need to know and feel in order to help welcome a person in.  So true!  For example, Sis. Alice (one of our investigators) feels like she has a family because of all the people that come to her home, share their feelings, stories, etc, and also the same people that she sees on Sunday humbly worshiping.  The members have an opportunity to feel the missionary spirit, to get to know others in the area, and, as one of our members put it "it revived something that dulu mati [had died before]".  The missionaries feel the Spirit that sets the groundwork for continuing missionary work, as well as solidifies the work that we are doing.  We have had so many great experiences with the members.  

We had 2 new expat families move in the past two weeks.  The first just came from Seattle Area, and the ones that came yesterday came from the US Embassy in Uzbekistan.  They have 12 kids between the two families.  We have a primary and young women now.  haha.

I just got an email from Elder Crum, he is the new Zone Leader in Sibu Zone (Sarawak)!  I'm super excited to go to MLC in two weeks now.  Elder Mayo, Elder Crum, and me as ZLs... who would have thought!  Fun times ahead!

Do you remember me telling you about the Dr. Bertin in Hong Kong mailing me the iPod for the random chinese guy?  Well, Elder Scott and I tried to find this guy, and spent an entire afternnon looking for his office building... and couldn't.  Well, I have been keeping the iPod in my bag, just in case, and while I was on exchanges with Elder Smith, we just so happened to have an appointment near Bukit bintang.  It finished early, and another appointment fell through, so we had some extra time, so we decided to go give the iPod another try.  This road, Jalan Raja Chulan, is just lined with tall office buildings and hotels... so we were lost.  Btw, no one knows the numbers of the buildings here.  Finally, I saw a DHL man, and literally sprinted to ask him.  Of course, he knew, and pointed us to the building we were right in front of.  We asked the security guy at the front desk, and he took us straight to this man's office.  We walked into this nice office, with a little chinese old man sitting behind a massive desk, sipping on a little cup of tea.  He gave us the funniest look, and asked what we wanted.  I pulled out his iPod, and his demeanor completely changed!  It was a really nice meeting.  We was shocked that so many people would go out of their way to deliver a small iPod to him, and that we wouldn't accept any type of reward!  We talked for about a half hour about what we do, and he was very interested.  He gladly accepted a book of mormon, and really wanted to get in contact with Elder Dr Bertin in Hong Kong.  I'm sending him the email right now.  It's amazing what little ways the Lord uses to spread his work.

Also, just send stuff to Singapore for now.  I keep forgetting to get the address, and I go there every month.  

A lot more happened this week, but I can't remember too much.  Transfers are this morning, so everyone is on edge haha.

Elder Robinson

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