Monday, May 6, 2013

ssllloooowwww week

Dear Family,

probably the slowest week of my life.  Last weekend, Elder Stahle was feeling sick.  After living with Eric for almost 18 years, I didn't believe him.  We were out to dinner with an investigator and some members, when he just looked terrible, and was coughing up a lung.  So, on Tuesday, he asked if we could stay in.  I admit, I was annoyed, but he did look pretty bad.  Well, it didn't get any better on Wednesday, and he kept asking me if I would take him to a doctor.  First off, I have no idea where to find a doctor here.  After a while of calling/searching, we find a private hospital and take him there.  Turns out he has some type of internal infection, high white blood count, fever, sores in his throat, ridiculously bad cough, and a bunch of other symptoms.  So....... needless to say, this entire week has been helping him get better..... 

That translates into.... I stayed inside the apartment all week.  I don't know if I've ever been as close to going insane.  It's slightly funny that this month, President has asked us to really study from chapter 8 of Preach My Gospel, which is: How to use time wisely?

It was neat for me to learn how to do just that.... use my time wisely.  This week was definitely a curveball, especially because pretty much all missionary work was put on hold.  Yet, we still have the commandment to use time wisely.  The theme of that chapter is to always focus on our purpose as a missionary, and to use our time accordingly to make this purpose come to pass.  I learned how to be creative, and explore new options of using time wisely.  I took dad's challenge of learning a lot of new words every day, so my vocabulary has increased a lot this week!  I also have almost read 1/4 of the new testament in Indonesian.  Lots of time for journal writing, calling investigators, etc.  

Just when I thought we were giong to leave the house to get food, Sis. Sophie comes to save the day by bringing us delicious take out.... for 5 days.  Blessing?  Curse?  I'll stick with blessing.  She is like our mom here for sure.  I think we're going to do something for her for mother's day.

ALso, for next week, we will probably try to skype around 11:00AM on Monday, May 13th, Kuala Lumpur time.  I don't know exactly what time that is for you guys, I think around 9:00PM on Sunday night?  

I really don't have a lot to say... because not a lot happened.  OH wait!

So yesterday was the elections for Prime Minister (Perdana Menteri) in Malaysia.  I guess the BN (barisan nasional) has been in power since malaysia began, and this election is forcasted to overthrow the BN.  So it has been very heated.  So much so that missionaries were not allowed to leave the house yesterday, except for church, and all missionaries in Selangor (that includes me o.O) are not supposed to leave the house today.... I didn't get that memo until I came to the email place.  I guess BN 'won', but everyone knows it was a fraud, so apparently people are getting ready to fight back.  It happened in the 1960's, and the govt. brought tanks in and shot anyone in the streets after dark.  Needless to say, all the ward members don't want us outside.  It looks like an average day to me though.... we'll probably head back to the house and stay put.  

Church was really good yesterady.  We usually have fast sundays with the SUbang Jaya branch in PJ, but we had it in Klang this week.  It was nice to hear the testimonies from our little group (there were 17 people there yesterday, including investigators).  Elder Chan told us the story of how he got called to be an Area Seventy.  He is the first general authority EVER in Malaysian history.  And it was while I was here, in my group ^___^  He is awesome.  He has a son in the mission who I know pretty well.  ANd his wife made Elder Stahle and I a carrot cake yesterday :)

a bunch of missionaries are leaving this thursday.  Almost a quarter of our mission!  A lot of fun Elders leaving.  

Anyway, that's all I have for today.  Hopefully this week is more exciting/productive!  I'll talk to you all next week

Elder Robinson

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