Monday, December 31, 2012

Hello Fam,

Not much has changed since wednesday....... haha.  The reason I was so fidgety on Skype was because I felt uber sick, and the rest of the day I was feeling it!  It was funny, because I didn't want to eat anything, and then the Ho sisters took us out to dinner and, as usual, shoved food down our throats.  They are so sweet.  They are two single sisters that have been members for almost 30 years.  In fact, the  Ho Sue Yan was the first Sister missionary from malaysia.  She served in the Singapore mission.  They keep the church in KL moving.  And they are so concerned about the welfare of the missionaries, and are always wanting to give us food.  They even bring candy to church to give to us.... which is kind of embarrassing, but also very needed because by the time we get to church and go through church, we're usually starving.  The saying, "What would Jesus do?" and "What would the Ho Sisters do?"  are almost the exact same questions.  I think that it is a pretty good goal to be able to put your name in that statement.  They helped us teach our progressing investigator on Christmas day, and were awesome because they speak English, Mandarin, and Hokkien.  

Speaking of that Investigator.  His name is Beh, and he continually impresses me.  He is in his twenties, buddhist, and works as an electrician.  We have been teaching him for sometime, and he is still very interested.  Usually the Chinese people here don't want anything to do with us, but he is completely the opposite.  After he learns a lesson, he wants to come with us to our other investigators to help teach them!  He speaks Malay, so he can help with the lessons.  We FINALLY got him to introduce us to his family on Saturday.  It was the greatest/worst experience of the mission I think.  We met his mom and sisters, and they took us to Pizza Hut and Beh translated what we said to them in Hokkien.  Elder Trotter and I were amazed that they were listening, because for Chinese people, this NEVER happens in this mission.  His mom agreed to a return appointment with another branch member that speaks hokkien.  We were so excited.  I'm not going to write how we met the Dad, but it was the most awkward/uncomfortable/mostpainful/longest car ride of my life.  Anyways, I am so excited for this family.  The church could use them so much!  I think, more importantly, they could really use the gospel in their lives.  You can feel it in the way they asked questions, and how they responded to our questions.  I can tell this is going to be good.  

Vicki, I forget to tell you, but tell Lauren HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I cannot believe she is 15 (right?)  haha.  I remember you changing her nasty diapers in the Winnie the Pooh bedroom at your old house :-)
And thank you for the Christmas present.  I will probably use it to buy expensive sweets, because that's probably what I would have wanted from you if I was at home! haha.  And that is too funny about your concert experience... not your average concert experience i bet!

I'm glad you guys got to meet the Trotters.  Elder Trotter is pretty funny.  I have heard all of those stories you've mentioned, and just about everything else about him too.  I can't believe how fast he can talk, and he always has something to say.  always.  It is kind of funny, because when I was with Matheson, I feel like I talked the whole time, and now I feel like I do a lot of listening.  He is really funny though, and sings to me while I'm showering... whether I want him to or not.  haha.  I think Eric would get a hoot out of his facial expressions.  

I've been writing Whit, and it seems like he is doing super well.  I guess they had an unheard of number of people at church this past week!  I'm glad he is doing well.  I guess he is having some companion issues, but oh well.  THe way Whit described it in the email was super funny.  Does he have a blog that you check?  

Oh, yeah, I didn't skype you guys for that long because we're only supposed to for an hour!  Elder Trotter went for over 3 hours with various people haha!  I sat their listening to mo tab.  oh well.  
It was nice seeing the whole fam over there.  Tell Grandma and Grandpa thankyou for the Christmas gift.  

Oh before I forget, our new address: 
No. 9B-1 D'Haven Condominium
Lorong Tenggiri 1A, Off Jalan Mohd Yamin, 41100
Klang, Malaysia

Our new apartment is kind of driving me nuts.  The other day, one of the mosque had something at 4:30 in the morning that woke us up.  On all of their menaras (towers) they have loud speakers, so it seems like there is always someone singing/chanting/talking.  This area is very muslim.  We went to some flats to go contacting, and out of the entire building and found 2 Christian families.  It was a huge building -____-  THey are very nice people though.  Sometimes they give us free food on the road.  We were on the bus the other day, and these kids were making fun of us because they thought we couldn't understand bahasa.  Finally, I couldn't take it any longer, so I stood up and told him "Not only do I understand you, but can you please close your mouth?"  He went DEAD silent, but the whole rest of the bus started laughing.  It was a pretty funny experience.  ALso, we were at a mall eating lunch, next to a little stand, and I could hear these girls working at the shop talking about us as if we were students.  I kind of turned around and said, "we're not students, we're volunteers for our church."  Same reaction.  They were actually embarrassed because they were talking about my eyes too... -____- and then they wanted pictures.   #whitepeopleinasiaproblems.

Nothing too exciting has happened other than that.  We'll keep you all updated.

Elder RObinson

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