Tuesday, September 25, 2012

hallo hallo Maaaam,
I'm currently at the airport in Singapore awaiting my flight to MIRI!!!!  This is my first area, and my new companion is elder Matheson, he is from Weber Utah. 
We spent the night in Singapore and I absolutely love it.  I want to move here when I get back.  I got to practice so much CHinese on the subway, and the food was so good.  We spent the night in a nice hotel overlooking the city, and got to have breakfast on the roof. 
I'm going to miri where supposedly there isn't any english spoken, which is nice so I'll be able to learn the language better.  There is a city there, but apparently we aren't really in teh city part but in the more "rugged" parts of teh area........ whatever that means.
Everything is soo nice here in Singapore.  And clean.  The disgusting thing is that I've enjoyed the heat/humidity.  I thought I would hate that the most, but it's really fine.  I already miss elder mayo and crum.  We want to room together.  Kk got to go

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